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2011 GK Control Bar

gkbarThe GK Click-n-Go bar is vastly improved for 2011. Chicken loop safety, simplicity, and versatility were of paramount importance when designing the Click-n-Go. To release, simply push forward on the red collar; a natural reaction. The depower system is very simple, but packed with features. It is a circle of Spectra line that goes from the CL to the swivel with a short depower strap inline. For short reach, simply slide the circle around so that the strap comes closer. For longer reach, slide the circle around the other direction. Stopper ball is small enough to comfortably hold between your fingers while riding. The chicken loop is a simple push away pin system with a small and simple improvement for 2011 making it very easy & fast to engage.There are only 2 stainless steel parts inside:- one pivoting (Pin) on the other. The length of the Depower Line can be adjusted in a few seconds without undoing any knots.The Depower Strap is simplified to it's maximum & it's distance to the bar can be adjusted in a few seconds without undoing any knots.The top Swivel is equipped with a center line sliding line safety. Connect your leash to 1 front line.

GK Trix Bar

GK Sonic Bar

53 cm bar/21m lines from5.5m to 9m
53 cm bar/25m lines for 12m
63 cm bar/25m lines for 15m
53 cm bar/21m lines from6m to 8m
53 cm bar/25m lines for 11m
63 cm bar/25m lines for 14m and 17m


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