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2011 GK Sonic

2011GK Sonic kites, reviews, bladders, and line sets from Kiteboarding Tampa Bay

The  GK SONIC 2011 is a high aspect ratio kite, as the GK TRIX it has full d-power with adjustable
bar pressure and turning speed. The GK SONIC is a fast flying kite, it can build a huge amount of
power by accelerating across the window,  and fast riding. The wind rang is very wide,  in the low
wind range, even  small sized, the GK SONIC  will  quickly generating your own wind by riding fast.
To benefit from this, rider need's  to optimise his flying capability. In the high wind range the kite
having a smaller size and a flatter profile will be easy to hold.

GK  2011 Kite shape, for both GK Trix and GK Sonic is also the result of over 10 years of Kite design. GK 2011 kites will keep there profile and overall shape, some details will be changed to refine performance and adjustability.

AKPO ( Adjustable Kite Power Optimiser) bridle adjustments, get more or less bar pressure, turning speed, performance in low wind range.

Size/m2-Wind-Range/Knots :
6m-20/38kts    8m-14/34kts   11m-10/28kts    14m-8/18kts    17m-6/16kts

• Reinforced webbing Leading edge sewing, used on thousands of GK kites with no failure.
• Free Flow single inflation point.
• AKPO bridle; adjust your bar pressure and turning speed.
• Kite Dacron framing, giving an extremely strong Kite structure.
• Leading edge reinforcement, protecting from beach drag.
• High performance profile, and aspect ratio.
• New Bladder construction.

2011 GK Sonic Globe Kites
$1 279.00


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