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2011 GK Trix

The 2011 GK Trix is a medium aspect ratio kite, full d-power with adjustable bar pressure and turning speed.
The GK TRIX is perfect for beginners, wave riding, or free style, as it is a very stable kite, with easy relaunch,
it is perfect for beginners, using the same kite through there whole  learning curve, to a top riding level.

GK  2011 Kite shape, for both GK Trix and GK Sonic is also the result of over 10 years of Kite design. GK 2011 kites will keep there profile and overall shape, some details will be changed to refine performance and adjustability.

AKPO ( Adjustable Kite Power Optimiser) bridle adjustments, get more or less bar pressure, turning speed, performance in low wind range.

2011 GK Trix Globe Kites
$1 279.00


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