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2012 Fluid LA Light Air

fluid-kites-usaFluid Kites LA Light Air Kite, two years of development have gone into this kite to make it not just another big lightwind kite that pulls you downwind.

Featuring light wind relaunch that allows you to get the kite up and out of the water in as little as 6 knots, super lightweight but strong canopy and fast turning.

The LA will keep you on the water when everyone else is finding something else to do!

Dedicated Light Wind/Race Performance
New to Fluid Kiteboarding enters the LA kite range. The LA kite is all about light wind and race kiting performance. Developed to give smooth delivery of power - without the feeling of getting ripped off the water unless you ask for it. The LA can do all things its smaller cousins can - from looping, passing or long lofty jumps. Better still, you can do it when everyone else is waiting for wind.


The light weight LA, in two XL sizes (15 and 17mtr.) is built tough and offers tonnes of power and stability - maximizing the perfect light wind experience. The efficient shape of the LA produces apparent wind generated by the kite’s movement through the air, delivering speed and power as you get up on the plain. In turn this allows you more time on the water in lighter wind conditions then other styles of kites. Developed with the ELR system (extreme light winds relaunch system) and created specifically for sub 8knot relaunch - the best light wind relaunch method available, the LA gives you that seamlessly endless, effortless ride.

Sizes 15m and 17m

LA additions available

•7m line extensions.

•ELR system (extreme light wind relaunch system

The primary focus for the 2011 CS bar system has been to create a user friendly, streamline bar with rider safety the main priority and many added features to make your kiting experience safer with less complication. Weather your using the EGO, Vice or ATV-wave you will always have similar style of system so you won’t get confused with different setups.
The Push/Push safety system means that it’s a 2 action safety to release the kite completely. The less complicated CS bar has only 2 lines running through the centre bar hole to make sure there is less that can go wrong in messy situations, less tangles and less rope in-between your fingers.
SIZES: 45cm, 50cm, 55cm

The 2011 CS release is designed to be easy to grab, easy to push, can be used with either your right or left hand and once released is quick to reload. Moulded to withstand a huge amount of pressure with all high grade stainless parts the 2011 CS chicken loop will never fail you.

The PUSH/PUSH release system is simple and easy to use. The 2011 chicken loop and safety leash both have red PUSH release handles, the first option is to push the red release handle on the chicken loop flagging the kite safely, and if necessary you can use the second step to PUSH the red handle on the safety leash totally disconnecting you from your kite.

New for 2011 is the above the bar cleat trim system. The above the bar cleat allows you to easily depower or power up you kite using one of the best cleats available. There is smoother depower and less chance of tangles then the average depower strap making it easy to finely tune your kite to the wind conditions and position you want to hold the bar.

The blue flagging line ring is the safest place to attach your safety leash for totally depower.  Once the red PUSH release handle on the chicken loop is activated the kite will flag out on the blue line totally depowering your kite.

The 2011 CS bar has 2 relaunch handles either side of the bar to give you extra leverage quickly getting the kite back into the sky, they can also be used as safety lines for beginners flagging your kite completely on one single line.

The CS bar adjustable points for the back lines are located under the floaties keeping the bar system clean of knots and loops. To adjust your rear line length it’s just a matter of pushing the floaties up and changing knot position.

Designed so you won’t be mistaken for which side of the bar to grab, the colour coding is coloured red and black, red being your left hand and black for your right hand to ensure you don’t grab the wrong side of the bar and send your kite.

We have fixed an adjustable stopper on the chicken rope, so if you’re not after a long throw on your chicken rope you can unscrew the stopper, slide it down to the position you would like your bar to rest and tighten the screw again so you can spin the bar or rest your arms.

On the end of the flying lines we have installed a Kook System to unsure you don’t fix your flying lines wrongly to the kite. This means we have knots on the front lines and loops on the rear lines along with the colour coding reducing the chance of connecting the flying lines to the wrong point.

  • PVC Chickenloop
  • Cousins Dyneema 5MM chicken rope
  • Cousins Dyneema Flying lines 340KG
  • Cousins Dyneema Leader line 500KG
  • Stainless steel swivel 300KG
  • Stailess steel barhole
  • Moulded EVA Grip
2012 Fluid Light Air
$1 650.00


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