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Flysurfer Viron

buy-flysurfer-kies-dealer-usaThe Flysurfer Viron is not just another depower kite, it defines a class on its own.  Maximum security, optimal user-friendliness, super easy relaunch and incredible stability. In our opinion there is no kite out there that combines all these features as well as the new Flysurfer Viron does, aand Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is an official dealer of Flysurfer Kiteboarding Kites and Accessories.

Auto Relaunch

With the Flysurfer Viron, we have truly succeeded setting a new benchmark in surf kite relaunch. The Flysurfer Viron opens up automatically and stays at the edge of the window wainting there for user input. With a slight steering impulse, the Flysurfer Viron effortlessly flies on again. For all those who still find it too complicated, we integrated a special bridle, making it practically impossible for the kite to get tangled on the water.

Easy Handling

For novices, the Flysurfer Viron delivers exactly the kite feeling required for a safe entry into the kitesport. Neither too slow, nor hyper fast. With light bar pressure, but still with great and pronounced bar feedback. The Flysurfer Viron does not have any annoying long depower strokes, the entire depower functions within an arm's length. Taking on the sport of kitesurfing just got a whole lot easier.

Maximum Safety

With the Flysurfer Viron we are simultaneously introducing the patent-pending "Reefline-Safety" (RLS) Once the kiter activates the quick release, the leading edge of the Flysurfer Viron tightens together and the tips lay stable on the inside of the kite. The kite blows out with minimal rest pull and can be relaunched any time, whenever needed. This is only one of the features that make the Flysurfer Viron into one extremely safe kite. Enormous flight stability and a highly effective and direct depower give kiters a previously unimaginable safety margin.
If that still is not enough, the Flysurfer Viron comes with a new fast, easy and reliable opening quick release.

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Enormous Versatility

The Flysurfer Viron offers unlimited possibilities. This is the kite that makes it possible for children to get a real taste of kiteboarding and for nervous kiters to safely get back in to the sport after a negative experience. The Flysurfer Viron is our new hot tip for storm chasers, wave-riders, multi surface kiters and at the same time, it gives new meanings to an instructional kite. Zero stress-factor, regardless of terrain and vehicle. Whether it be skateboard, skates, in the waves, snowkiting, mountain board, on a SUP or just on the beach.All these qualities make the Flysurfer Viron into what we set out to achieve from the very beginning: "Building the simplest and safest kite on the market."


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