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GK Warranty

Globe Kites Warranty Policy:

Globe-KitesWe have been  working hard over the years to make sure that design and production quality  is  giving you the most durable and reliable product possible.

Still in the event that the product you get from Globe Kites has a manufacturing defect, we will immediately back you up with a solution to fix the problem, we will send you the necessary replacement parts or kite.

We have full backup from our  manufacture in China,  working together for almost 10 years, and with who we are in constant communication  day after day.

To define that the problem comes from a manufacturing defect and not from abusive use, like constant crashing trying to kite loop, you need to send us  by email to Globe Kites a description of what is wrong, some photos and the serial number.

We want to make things as trait forward and simple as possible to get a quick fix.

To help to keep your GK gear running as long as possible, we keep available for you all spare parts going back 5 years, so don't hesitate asking.

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