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GoPro Camera Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips: GoPro HD HERO Cameras

  1. gopro troubleshooting tipsThe video plays back choppy or broken up.
    • To ensure that the video is recorded properly, please playback the videos directly on a TV with HD and AV component cables. You should get proper smooth playback on your TV.
    • Choppy video playback will usually come down to the computer not being able to process the data fast enough of the large HD video files.
    • First, please make sure you have downloaded the file to your computer and are not playing back the file directly off the SD card. You will not be able to get proper playback if playing directly from the SD card.
    • If having choppy playback from the downloaded file, you can try restarting your computer and keeping all other applications closed while playing back the video. This will maximize the computer’s processing power for video playback.
    • If still having choppy video playback, then your computer system most likely does not have enough processing power to handle the high data rate of full HD or 60fps video files (r3 or r5). Recording at the lower resolution settings of r1 or r2 should allow you to playback the files smoothly on your computer
  2. The camera will not record video.
    • Check the memory card to make sure the locking tab on the side of the SD card is not in the ‘locked’ position.
    • If the card is unlocked, there is most likely a compatibility issue with the SD card. First, please try reformatting the card using the delete all function in the setting menu. If that doesn’t help, then please try out a different SD card. SD card performance varies widely between brands and class ratings. We recommend sticking to name brand SD cards with a class 4 rating or higher. We mostly use the Kingston and Patriot class 4 cards without any issue, so can safely recommend those.
  3. The computer won’t recognize the camera when I plug it in.
    • Restart the computer.
    • Try plugging the cable into the camera and computer with camera off.
    • Make sure the USB cable connection is good on both ends.
    • Make sure you have a SD card inserted into the camera. (without a SD card, the computer will not have any external disk drive to recognize since there is no internal memory)
    • Power up the camera and the computer should recognize the camera/SD card as an external disk drive.
    • No luck? Please contact our support team by using for further assistance.
  4. The camera will not power on.
    • Remove the battery and SD card from the camera.
    • Reinsert the battery into the camera.
    • Connect the camera via the USB cable to your computer or USB wall/car charge adapter. Keep the camera powered off, and the red LED on the front of the camera should light up to indicate that the battery is charging. Once the battery is fully charged, the red LED will turn off.
    • Once fully charged, please try powering on the camera with no SD card by pressing the power/mode button.
    • No luck? Please email our support team through for further assistance.
  5. Underwater images are out of focus.
    • Due to the curved lens of the waterproof housing for the HD HERO camera and standard def Wide HERO cameras, you will notice a slight loss of sharpness with underwater images. We are developing a flat glass adapter / housing specifically for underwater use, thus allowing for the same image sharpness that you enjoy with your GoPro camera above water. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive an update for new product releases.
  6. I’m recording at 60fps, but the video does not playback in slow motion.
    • Just because you record at a higher frame rate, it does not mean that the video automatically plays back in slow motion. Recording at 60fps simply provides for a smooth video playback when you do slow down the playback speed on your video player. You will need to manually change the playback speed settings of your video playback software to a setting lower than 1 x for slow motion.
  7. The inside of my housing lens keeps fogging up.
    • Temperature differences between the air inside and outside of the housing, can cause condensation to occur on the inside of the lens. Here are several things you can do to prevent fogging of the lens.
    • If you are not using the camera in an application where the closed back door is needed, use the open back door. The open back door will allow the outside in inside housing temps to be equalized so that no fogging will occur.
    • Close the housing in a dry atmosphere.
    • GoPro has developed it’s own Anti-Fog Inserts for the HD HERO camera. The kit includes 3 sets of desiccant inserts, and retails at $14.99. Each set lasts 4-5 uses and can be dried in an oven (3 minutes) to be reused.
  8. ‘SoS’ is appearing on my LCD screen.
    • If you see SoS that means your file was corrupted during filming for some reason. While SoS is showing on the screen, press ANY BUTTON on the camera and the camera will repair the file. This almost always works. It’s a feature that didn’t get mentioned in the instructions because it was added to the camera right before launch.
  9. My PC will not playback the .mp4 video files.
    • If using Windows Media Player or Movie Maker, make sure you download the latest HD-capable version and also download a H.264 decoder to update media or movie maker. CoreCodec CoreAVC is one company that offers a codec pack for h.264.
    • VLC media player is another video media player program that you can download for free, which supports .mp4 h.264 files:
  10. The camera does not power on into the correct default setting.
    • To have the camera power on in the correct mode, please select the appropriate option in the settings menu (F, P, 3, PES) and then press the Power/Mode button to save the setting that you selected. Once you have the correct setting selected, exit the menu and turn off your camera. When you go to turn it back on, just press the Power/Mode button once briefly. Your camera should then go into the correct mode. If you hold down the power/mode button for too long or are accidentally hit it twice, you will end up powering on the camera in the next sequential shooting mode.


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