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Intro To Kiteboarding

kiteboarding-lessons-bradenton-floridaKiteboarding, or Kitesurfing is a wind  powered sport, where kiters blend two common elements- wind and water, to create the ultimate action sport! Large, inflatable kites could be described as our personal “boat in a bag”, and it allows us to speed along the water at speeds up to 50mph, and defy gravity with stadium sized jumps of up to 40' feet in height. Kites come in many sizes and varying shapes, but generally kites for kiteboarding (on the water) are called ‘inflatables” with air filled bladders, which give structure to the canopy, and allows for relaunching from the water. Kiteboarding has grown to include specialized disciplines in course racing, distance racing, freestyle, BIG-AIR, and wave riding. Whether it’s boosting huge airs, slashing waves, or just pleasure cruising- kiteboarding has something for everyone!

The sport has grown exponentially over the last few years, as have accidents, bans, and restrictions. Without proper training this sport can be very dangerous, it is not like a bike or skateboard that you just hop on and figure out, its more like learning to fly a plane. Certified instructors have been trained to teach kiteboarding with standardized lesson plans and training procedures, and have a responsibility to teach safely. With organizations like IKO and PASA, selecting a quality, certified instructor is easier these days, and both training programs are well structured to maximize the learning process. We have taken it a step further and added online courses to our lesson plan.

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A prospective kiter should take a few hours of quality instruction to see if kiteboarding is for them. If they decide to pursue the sport, then several more hours of instruction is needed to learn the basics, followed by weeks, or months of individual practice. The learning curve can be lessened by reading, watching videos, and asking questions, but ultimately, the required kite handling and safety skills skills are only developed with a competent instructor.

People trying to learn on their own are a danger to themselves, bystanders, and every kiter on the water. They are often referred to as “cowboys” or “kooks”, which is a label that no one wants to wear in this sport, and are the main source of injuries, bans, and restrictions on our beaches. Self teaching, or “friends teaching friends”, is no longer tolerated at most launch sites. Please respect yourself,  fellow kiters, and our efforts to maintain access.  Take the time to seek out a qualified instructor and inquire about their lesson plan.

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Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport that requires adequate, professional instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay, its instructors, and their sponsors assume no legal responsibility for misuse of any information contained on this website.

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