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Kite Harnesses

Kiteboarding Harnesses, Spreader Bars, Pads, Leashes, and Accessories

kiteboarding-kitesurfing-harness-spreader-barKite harnesses come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs.   Harnesses are generally only used for power kiting in addition to buggying, kite surfing, or kite snow boarding.   A harness is a device that will attach the kite to your person, allowing your hands to actually let go of the handles for VERY brief amounts of time for putting on your surf board, snow board, etc... or for just giving your hands and arms a break from the power.   Attaching yourself to your kite can be an extremely dangerous thing to do.   All kite harnesses come with pre-designed ways to allow you to quickly un-fasten the kite from you in case of an emergency.   We only recommend that you use a harness that has been tested and proven to be safe, and only purchase one from a manufacturer that is well known in this industry and is aware of the dangers involved.   If you are caught in an emergency situation and are un-able to release the kite from you or your harness, you could sustain incredible amounts of injury including death!   Power kiting is an extreme sport and can be fatal if not done properly and with constant caution.

Today's kite harnesses are designed with quick release systems, some as simple as being able to lift yourself out of a hook to free the kite from the harness.   Others come with quick release buckles that will release the kite.   Whatever system you choose, make sure you are completely familiar with the releasing system and that it is in perfect operating condition before you fly.

A few basic designs of kite harnesses are the waist harness, the seat harness, and harness shorts.   Some of these types of harness' and accessories are shown below.

A waist harness will usually fasten around your waist with straps that will thread through your legs and around your back-side with clips or fasteners.   It will usually have a stainless steel bar with a bent metal hook that attaches to a link line that is connected to your kite handles.   This type of harness will allow you to pick up your lower body section while pulling down on the handles to release the link bar from the hook, allowing you to free yourself from the kite.   This type of harness is most common with kite buggying because it will allow the kite to pull from the lower reigion of your body, the part that is usually directly inside of the buggy.


Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport that requires adequate, professional instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay, its instructors, and their sponsors assume no legal responsibility for misuse of any information contained on this website.

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