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Gift Certificates

kiteboarding-lesson-gift-certificateQuick and Easy Online Reservations:

1Choose a Lesson Package: Choose which lesson package you would like to give someone. Your gift will get them started safely into kiteboarding, and their training will last a lifetime.

2Order Online: With just a few clicks, you can complete your payment through PayPal's secure website. Make sure to include the full name of the recipient so that we can personalize their gift certificate.

3Print Your Gift Certificate: Upon reservation, we will prepare your certificate and send it via email to the specified address. Simply download the certificate and print it out!

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Want to Plan a Special Watersports Adventure?

We have helped surprise many unsuspecting future kiteboarders over the years by planning out the day beforehand with their (sneaky) loved one. We have been able to help facilitate some pretty special moments for our customers, and quite frankly, enjoy doing it!

What starts out as a leisurely birthday drive around town, turns into a wet and wild day at the beach learning to kiteboard! On more than several occasions, our new students have opened up presents on the beach, which just "happened" to be a wetsuit, booties, a harness! Be sure to check out the KTB Gear Connection, our online kiteboarding shop which is full of kitesurfing gear, boards, kites, wetsuits, and more- all of which makes a great gift to accompany the gift certificates!

All items can be gift wrapped upon request.

Want to capture your kiteboard lessons on photo or video? Kiteboarding Tampa Bay proudly recommends Vandit Photography for all your photography needs!

The kiteboarding lesson gift certificates has been very popular over the years, so we have added some kiteboarding related gift ideas below to help you plan your special day.



Kiteboarding Gift Certificates

  • A Unique and Special Gift!
  • Available For All Of Our Lesson Packages
  • Convenient Online Booking
  • Sent Via Email or USPS
  • Valid for up to 6 months from date of purchase

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Call us at (813) 389-3683 for more information about our Kiteboarding Lesson Gift Certificates

Related Gift Ideas for Kiteboarders

  • Water Shoes (Booties)
  • Hyperflex Wet Suits, heater tops, and rash guards
  • Rash Guard- Offers chafing/ UV protection
  • Surf Hat- Keeps the sun off your melon!
  • Harnesses and Accessories
More Great Gift Ideas For Kiteboarders






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