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Kiting Safety

Kiteboarding Safety


We at Kiteboarding Tampa Bay are focused on one thing- making you a smarter, safer kiter. Safety is a TOP PRIORITY in kiteboarding, and the main reason for taking a kiteboarding lesson from a qualified instructor. We have been kiting and teaching in the Tampa, St. Petersburg area for over 8 years, and Kiteboarding Tampa Bay uses only IKO or PASA certified instructors.  Beware of others who claim to be certified- make sure to visit the IKO or PASA website and check the status of the instructor you are going to take lessons with.

In addition to our safety based teaching methods, we have added additional articles and detailed information to our website, as well as added more safety-related content and training exercises to our water lessons.

kiteboarding upwind board dragOur Lesson Plan is based on the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) training programs. Both organizations are recognized training organizations in the sport of kiteboarding and have similar standards.

The KTB Safety Section contains a variety of articles on Self Rescue, Kiting in Currents and Waves, Tides, and more. All of these topics are very important when it comes to kite surfing, and often overlooked by other training programs.

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Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport that requires adequate, professional instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay, its instructors, and their sponsors assume no legal responsibility for misuse of any information contained on this website.

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