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Liquid Shredder SUP

Liquid Shredder Soft SUP's and Surfboards

Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is a Liquid Shredder Authorized Dealer in St Petersburg, Florida.

First, They are real, hand crafted and shaped surfboards with a slick shiny but softer surface, but not super soft, to make it user friendly. Amazingly, they look just like a fiberglass surfboard. Most entry Level surfboards are very poorly shaped. This effects the way they perform in the surf, making them hard to turn. Surfing is ALL about maneuvering and turning on the waves. A poorly shaped surfboard can't turn well. Their construction is so unique we've patented them.

Second, All original Liquid Shredder ® have full length solid Peruvian hard wood stringers for strength. Surfboards should be rigid and not flex too much. Many of the old technology "sponge" beginner surfboards and kids surfboards bend in the middle as the rider moves on them. This slows the surfboard and makes for an unstable platform for the rider to stand on. NEVER buy a surf board without a wooden stringer system. Surfboards with weak stringers break easily, even in small surf.

Third, Until Liquid Shredder ® entered the market in 1999, beginner boards were very expensive. In fact, they cost as much as custom fiberglass boards with $500-$1000 retail prices. Liquid Shredder ® hit the market starting at $129. Now you can own a ® board for beginners and kids that looks and performs like a custom fiberglass board with the added safety of being soft and priced right. Cheap in cost, never in quality!

Fourth, Liquid Shredder ® is "Made in Peru Where Surfing Was Invented" sm hand crafted and shaped by Surfers for Surfers . Peru has some of the best surf and surfers in the world. The Beach Boys even mention Peru in their song "Surfin' Safari". That's why every Liquid Shredder ® model is designed, developed and tested on the Coast of Peru in some of the best and largest surf in the World. Join the Liquid Shredder ® team and start Shreddin'.




1. LS SUP Stand Up PaddleBoard
2. FREE 82" AL Paddle (length can be cut down)
2. Anti-Slip Deck Pad
3. Dual Aluminum Stringers
4. 1ea 7” Center Fin
5. 2ea 5” Fins Outside
6. Leash Post/PFD Tie Down
7. Full Nose & Tail Protectors
8. 360 Rail Protector
9. Windsurf Conversion Fittings
10. Carry Handle
11. One Year Warranty


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