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Kiteboarding Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida is not only the #1 source for kite surfing lessons in Tampa Bay, we're now bringing you our online kiteboarding shop and store- the most affordable way EVER to buy quality kiteboarding gear, wetsuits, and water sports gear. We choose to carry only high quality, durable kite boarding gear from well established and respected manufacturers who stand behind their products. Why would you want to deal with a company who doesn't have a ready supply of replacement parts in stock? We're hooked directly to the manufacturer and get it right to your doorstep at unbeatable prices!

To top it off, KTB is introducing several new ways to get UNBEATABLE DEALS on kiteboarding gear and accessories, and will give all past, present, and future students of Kiteboarding Tampa Bay some amazing discounts along with their kiteboarding lesson packages. Saving our students and watersports friends money on kiteboarding gear is our way of saying "Thanks" for 6 great years in the Tampa St Petersburg kiteboarding scene.

In addition to kiteboarding lessons, some of the kiteboarding gear and accessories we carry  are:

  • Globe Kites (GK)
    High quality, durable, and affordable kitesurfing kites by legendary kite designer, Mat Pendle.
  • LiteWave Designs
    LiteWave kiteboards and kite surf boards by 13 year kiteboarding veteran and board shaper, Dave Turner.
  • HyperFlex Wetsuits
    HyperFlex has been building quality wetsuits and water wear since 1965, and now features the Amp-K Wind Series for kiteboarding.

We have a complete line of kitesurfing kites, boards, wetsuits, kiteboarding harnesses, bars, lines, trainer kites, and kitesurf boards from manufacturers such as GK, LiteWave Designs, Hyperflex, Dakine, and more! Want a custom board? Buddha has you covered with 20 years experience as a surf board shaper, and now offers a complete line of twin-tips, kite skim boards, FlexWire Surfboards, and Stand Up Paddle Boards.

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Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport that requires adequate, professional instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay, its instructors, and their sponsors assume no legal responsibility for misuse of any information contained on this website.

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