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Our Lesson Plan

Kiteboarding Tampa Bay uses only certified and insured instructors with a proven lesson plan based on PASA and IKO training standards. Our focus is to teach you the basics of handling and flying a power kite, train you on all the necessary safety procedures, and get you up and riding safely on your own. Our lesson packages are one of the best values in kiteboarding and we have nearly 10 years experieince teaching kiteboarding lessons right here in Tampa Bay.

Please note that our lessons are paced at YOUR ability to learn and to demonstrate the basic techniques.Our lesson plan and course lengths are based on typical progression, and individual results may vary.

Trainer Kite Lesson 75.00

Trainer-Kite-LessonThe trainer kite lesson totals 2 hours, with 1 hour of instruction and 1 hour supervised practice. You will be flying a 2 line trainer kite that is 3 square meters and will give you a great introduction to flying a power kite. You will learn valuable skills and develop hand/ eye coordination and muscle memory that can help you progress more rapidly during your water training. The first hour of the lesson covers all the basics listed below and includes another hour of supervised practice to hone your kite flying skills.

  • Basic weather topics
  • Site Selection
  • Beach Courtesy
  • The Wind Window
  • Flying the kite throughout the power zone
  • "Parking" the kite
  • Flying one handed
  • Advanced moves and exercises
  • Simulated water start and power strokes
  • Self launch/ self land
Although these kites are small, they can generate a LOT of power! Always use caution when flying power kites, and always beware of beach users and other hazards.

Beginner Lesson- 4 hours 300.00

kitesurf-lesson-st-petersburg-florida-tampa-sarasotaIf you want to get into kitesurfing, this is the most important lesson you can take. It is a one-on-one, 4 hour lesson that will teach you the basics of flying a 4 line power kite both on land and on water. Our certified and insured instructors have a thorough training program, the best training tools available, and use the latest 2013 kiteboarding gear for your lessons.

You will be flying a 4-line inflatable kite and trained on the following topics:

  • Launch Site Selection/ Basic Weather
  • 4 line Inflatable Kite Setup
  • Understanding the Wind Window
  • Safety systems training
  • Kite handling/ launch assistance
  • Water relaunch
  • Basic kite control unhooked and hooked-in kite flying
  • st-pete-kitesurfing-lesson-instructionBody dragging
  • Upwind board drag
  • Assisted Launch and Land (in water)
  • Safety system release 1
  • Self rescue 1 (instructor assisted)
  • Water Starts/ Stops
  • Kite handling/beach courtesy
  • Review and Practice

Intermediate Package 500.00

This is our most popular package lesson, and includes 6 hours  of one-on-one training. All equipment provided during the lessons, and can be done on one day, or split into two days


The Intermediate Package includes all Beginner Water Lesson topics, plus:

  • Upwind riding techniques
  • Basic transitions
  • Your first jump
  • Perfecting jump technique

Ultimate Kiteboarding Lesson Package 750.00

The Ultimate Lesson Package is designed build your confidence to be fully independent on the water. It totals 9 hours of one-on-one private water instruction, and includes all above mentioned course materials.

You will begin learning more advanced techniques with:

  • Advanced kite control
  • Toeside riding and transitions
  • Intermediate sent jumps, basic popping, backroll, etc.
All lessons are based on the average person's progression and individual results may vary.


Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport that requires adequate, professional instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay, its instructors, and their sponsors assume no legal responsibility for misuse of any information contained on this website.

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