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Here's how it all went down-

Red-Bull-King-Of-The-Air-201311.50 Shaun Richman first to go out! His brother Jesse pumping it up as revenge! What a show!

11.54 Jesse Richman and the Best crew battle for the 2 spots in the .ext round. Big big airs, big wipe-outs!

12.00 Heat 2 just started. We’re still trying to figure who won Heat 1.

12.14 Marek Zach first to go out in Heat 2 – still no results for Heat 1

12.23 End of Heat 2. Billy Parker and Jandre Fraser tangled their lines , so Oswald Smith will be in Round 2. We’ll see who else.

12.25 Start of Heat 3 – the British one.

12.35 Tom Court has just been flagged out in Heat 3.

12.45 End of Heat 3. Sam Light made the best impression in this heat, with huuuge mega-loop rotations.

12.47 Start of Heat 4 – let the Jacobsen show begin.

12.57 Steven Akkesijk is the first to leave Heat 4.

13.07 End of Heat 4. Gianni Aragno struggles with his kite for too long.

13.20 Alan Steele flagged out of Heat 5. Kevin Langeree on a 10m going insanely high and old-school!

13.30 End of Heat 5. Insane old-school show of Kevin Langeree.

13.35 Start of the last heat of the first round. Len10 geyting ready…we’ll see what we get.

13.45 Reno Romeo has been flagged out in Heat 6. 10 minutes to go in round 1.

13.55 End of Heat 6, end of round 1. Here’s the riders who made it to the second round:
- Jesse Richman
- Lewis Crathern
- Jandre Fraser
- Oswald Smith
- Sam Light
- Luke Whiteside
- Nick Jacobsen
- Kevin Langeree
- Luke McGillewie
- Kevin De Smidt
- Ruben Lenten

A whole bunch of favorites out in round 1. Wind keeps on getting stronger. We’ll see what the day still brings.

14.00 we’re seeing an unscheduled double-eliminaion: in Heat 7, first of the doubles, we have Gianni Aragno, Johnno Sholte and Marek Zach battle for a spot in round 2.

14.16 End of Heat 7. Giani Aragno going through to round 2.

14.17 Start of Heat 8. Tom Court, Graham Howes and Shawn Richman are on in this one.

14.27 Tom Court out of Heat 8. Howes and Richman still battle. Richman with some crazy old-school moves.

14.39 Shaun Richman beats Graham Howes. Shaun joins his brother in round 2.

14.41 Heat 9 kicking off! Billy Parker, Sam Medysky and Alan Steele on the water for another chance.

14.51 Alan Steele flagged out in Heat 9. Billy Parker and Sam Medysky getting some chunky waves to show what they have.

15.03 Billy Parker takes the win in Heat 9. Robbie Naish getting ready for an expression session before Heat 10.

15.04 Naish shooting on a wave through Big Bay and now busy riding waves in Karmers.

15.05 Heat 10, the last heat of the double-elimination. Youri Zoon battles Steven Akkesijk and Remo Romeo for the last spot in the next round.

15.15 Reno Romeo out of Heat 10. Two dutchmen battle for the last spot.

15.25 Youri Zoon takes out Steven Akkesijk and secures himdelf the last spot in the next round.

15.27 Round 2 is on ! Heat 11: Jesse Richman, Oswald Smith, Sam Light and Shaun Richman. 20 minutes per heat.

15.37 Oswald Smith is out of Heat 11. He fought hard but had to give in to Light and the Richman-show.

Heat 11: Jesse Richman and Sam Light qualify for the semi-final.
Oswald Smith and Shaun Richman are out!

Heat 12: Lewis Crathern and Giani Aragno made it through. Jandre Frasier and Luke Whiteside are out!

Heat 13: Nick Jacobsen and Youri Zoon won the heat. Ruben Lenten and Luke McGillewie are out!

Heat 14: We’re still waiting for the results.

They are having a short break now, then the semi-final!

17.20 The results of Heat 14 are still not on the board. All we know is Andries Fourie is through.

17.23 The first semi-final just started! Heat 15: Youri Zoon, Jesse Richman, Andries Fourie and Giani Aragno battle for 2 spots in the final.

17.35 Giani Aragno just went out of the competition. Richman, Zoon and and Fourie still pumping hard.

17.45 End of Heat 15. Youri Zoon and Jesse Richman are in the final.

17.46 Semi-final 2, Heat 16 started. Kevin Langeree, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light and Lewis Crathern battle for the last 2 final spots.

17.56 Kevin Langeree just went out in the semi-final after throwing insane big airs all day!

18.06 End of the second semi-final. Winners of Heat 16: Lewis Crathern and Sam Light. Few minutes break and the final is on!

Going to finals:

Youri Zoon
Jesse Richman
Sam Light
Nick Jacobsen

Update: Youri Zoon and Sam Light are out of the finals

Update: Jesse Richman is the Red Bull King of the Air 2013!

Jesse Richman (USA) crowned Red Bull King of the Air

On a day that saw winds and emotions riding high Cape Town’s Big Bay played host where Jesse Richman cinched the prestigious title.

CK_2013_01_03_REDBULLKINGOFTHEAIR 0001.jpg
Cape Town’s famed Table Mountain was the perfect backdrop for the sixteen invited kiteboarders and eight wildcards to face-off in a unique ‘flag out’ competition format. It was eventually American, Richman who managed to edge out Sam Light and Nick Jacobsen to emerge victorious in front of 5,000 spectators.

“I never expected this and I’m so amazingly pumped! Red Bull King of the Air has been the biggest event in the world since the very beginning - I competed in it when I was a little kid and it was the coolest thing ever. To come here and win this event is unbelievable! By far the best riders in the world were throwing down in the best conditions for the event today!”

Scored by the judging panel of kiteboarder Susi Mai, editor of Kiteworld Magazine and presenter of ‘The Kite Show’ Jim Gaunt and South African original Red Bull King of the Air alumnus Greg Thijsse, they were judged on the height, creativity and style they executed their manoeuvres with airs reaching up to 25 metres.

Godfather of wind-based watersports Robby Naish was in Cape Town to check out the event first hand.
“I’m a little embarrassed to say this but this was my first time in South Africa. It’s a real pleasure to be here, I’m really stoked I came! I always knew it was good here,” remarked Robby on his first visit to the country.

Robby went on to say: “We’ve been talking about resurrecting Red Bull King of the Air for a while and today we had some of the best conditions - this was best exhibition of high performance kitesurfing I’ve ever seen. Big Bay was the perfect venue for this event. If this place wasn’t on the map before today, it’s definitely going to be after. I don’t think ever seen this many people at a kiteboarding event.”

The South Africans held their own in the field of riders with Andries Fourie making it through to the semi-final.

Final Results: 1. Jesse Richman (USA), 2. Nick Jacobsen (DEN), 3. Sam Light (GBR), 4. Youri Zoon (NED), 5. Andries Fourie (RSA), 5. Lewis Crathern (GBR), 7. Gianni Aragno (ESP), 7. Kevin Langeree (NED)

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Red Bull King of the air Cape Town 2013 from Wozzi Productions on Vimeo.


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