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Suggested Guidelines for Backside Skyway

Here is the layout of the parking area, and some common beachside courtesies when using the Sunshine Skyway Bridge launch site:


  • Please park behind the red line
  • Please do not fly trainer kites at this location unless in water and well away from shore
  • ALWAYS wind up your lines when kite is not in use
  • Please keep unnecessary items out of the launch area. (bags, pumps, chairs, flags, children, pets, etc.)
  • Please keep pets on leash and out of launching and landing area
  • No commercial activity or solicitation on beach (gear sales, product flyers, soliciting business, etc.)

Overview of Skyway Kiteboarding Area

The best riding area and cleaner, stronger wind is located across the boat channel from the main launch. Experienced kiters who do not want to deal with the crowded conditions are encouraged to explore the vast grass flats. Beware of the boat channel- large boats, large fish, and strong currents. Fun rides include upwinders/ downwinders to Maximo Park, to East Beach at Ft. Desoto, or to Ten Penny Beach in Tierra Verde.


  • Please give way to kites launching and entering the water
  • ALWAYS wind up your lines after you land your kite and secure with your board.
  • Do not "pinch" or "box in" kiters near the beach. Give them room to enter water, or to turn around.
  • Please give way to students and beginners. Experienced kiters are advised to cross the channel to reduce congestion

Important Phone Numbers

  • Eckerd College Search And Rescue-  (727) 864-8256 (Press 3 when prompted if after hours.)

  • PORTS Real-Time Wind Report- (866) 827-6787 (press 3 for wind speed. C-Cut is the closest wind sensor to the Skyway.)



Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport that requires adequate, professional instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay, its instructors, and their sponsors assume no legal responsibility for misuse of any information contained on this website.

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