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Types of SUPs

Different types of SUPs.

There are 4 basic kinds of materials used to make SUPs.  1. Hard (moulded) 2. Hard (epoxy) 3. Soft foam 4.
Inflatable.  Below are the characteristics that sets them apart. But overall, all these types of boards will work

great for the waters of Tampa, St Petersburg, and Clearwater.

Hard Moulded - Are the most durable and will handle the best.

Hard Epoxy - less durable than moulded, same handling characteristics as hard moulded.

Soft Foam - My overall evaluation is that soft boards are fun and maneuverable and a great choice and if you
are using them on a boat they will be easy to haul aboard without causing damage. The down side is that the
foam surface will break down over time and this can be as short as 1 year if left in the sun or up to 5 years or
more.  Also it is important to select a foam board that is made of foam that will not soak in water because a
water logged board will get extremely heavy.

-  The materials that are used are extremely durable (same as a zodiac) and will not puncture by
hooks, sharp rocks, etc.  In fact these boards are almost indestructible and extremely buoyant.  For myself, I
find that the 8'2" board that is 34 inches wide has plenty of volume and works perfectly.   What you will find is
that if used a lot, the feature of being able to deflate and put away may not be used as much as expected as
it takes time to inflate and must be inflated to a hard level.  But on the up side, this makes it easy to travel with
and take camping.  Also inflatable's are a great choice for use with a boat, again no damaging when hauling
on board.  My  overall evaluation is that the inflatable is a great choice and will paddle and handle well for
fishing, with the main differences being that the added bouncy makes it harder to handle in windy conditions.


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