After Your Kiteboarding Lessons- How To Progress

How To Become A Kiteboarder


1Find a Reputable Instructor: Whether you choose Kiteboarding Tampa Bay for your lessons or not or not, we hope you take the time to find a reputable instructor.

2Take Several Lessons: You are not going to learn to kiteboard in one day. You may get up and ride the board, but there is a LOT of things to learn regarding safety, Right of Way Rules, Beach Courtesy, Weather, and more to becoming a kiteboarder.

3Purchase Your Gear: Personally, we think any kite's a good kite and don't really care what brand you buy. Make sure the manufacturer has a reputation for quality and service ,and that you're buying from a reputable, legitimate kiteboarding business. Happy Shopping!

More Good Reasons To Take a Kiteboarding Lesson

Flying a kite is like nothing you have ever done- there's no handlebars, gas pedal, or steering wheel so can't really be compared to anything else. Kitesurfing looks easy enough, but there's a combination of many things going on at once. Not only are you steering the kite, you're also "steering", or edging the board with your body positioning. Kitesurfing is a combined set of skills that is only going to acquired through practice and repetition.

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