After Your Kiteboarding Lessons- How To Progress

Kiteboarding is an incredibly fun and exciting sport, however its not like most other sports (such as cycling, golf, etc.) in that, it takes the right weather conditions for a good kiteboarding session, and even more important- for a good kiteboarding lesson. Most people learning how to kiteboard get frustrated waiting for the right conditions.Quite honestly, its the most frustrating about being a kiter, but totally worth the wait!

Levels of Progression as a Kiteboarder

  • Beginner
    Is where you will be after a few lessons with a good instructor and a little bit of practice.
  • Intermediate
    Can ride upwind/ downwind, do a basic transition both directions, and be able to land a jump.
  • Independent
    100% self sufficient on the water. Can self launch/ land, packdown/ self rescue, and knows all Right of Way Rules.

How quickly you progress depends on several factors, including your athletic ability/ background, the ability to listen, and you ability to learn something new.

 A big part of your introduction to kite boarding is learning the local weather and checking your local forecasts, because once you're on your own, you will be choosing the conditions that are right for kiting, and decide on the best place to go. (Just because the wind is blowing doesn't always mean it's good conditions for kite surfing!) There are many factors and variables that affect your learning experience, such as wind speed, changing weather conditions, tides and currents, and more. Part of the learning process is learning the wind and weather, and also developing the patience to wait for the right conditions. 

Here's a few things you should know when considering the sport of kiteboarding:

1. We do not control the wind or the weather, and the conditions change often.

2. We do the best we can with scheduling to fit your needs, however see #1.

3. We always speak the day of the lessons to verify the wind and weather conditions for the day. (make sure to call us BEFORE you head out)

4. An instructors priority is your safety. It is their call to decide if the conditions are suitable for a lesson.

5. Students who book their lessons online get priority service. You are encouraged to book online to avoid the waiting list during peak times.

6. As everyone leads busy lives, scheduling is most effective for you to stay in touch by phone and let us know your schedule.

NOTE: If we do not have adequate conditions for the water lesson, you will not be charged, and rescheduled for the first available date.
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