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  • Ideal Conditions For A Lesson

    Ideal Conditions For A Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

    When taking a kiteboarding lesson it is important to learn in the right conditions, or you are going to waste valuable lesson time on a "harder to learn" experience. A beginner kiteboarder is generally going to learn and practice their first few sessions in 10-15 knots of clean wind with minimal gusts. This is referred to as "light wind" conditions, and is perfect wind for a beginner to start understannding and controlling the sheer power of a large kite. When the wind falls below 10 knots, the kites become much less stable, and it can be a challenge to even keep the kite flying.
    Many students experience very light winds during their lessons- never realizing that it simply isn't enough wind to learn anything. The student can be doing everything right, but a lull in the wind and the kite falling in the water can be downright frustrating, even for experienced kiters. Now the student is trying to relaunch a wet kite in no wind, and wondering why he's getting so frustrated.
    If the kite isn't stable at 12:00 above your head, you're not going to learn much during your lesson. Make sure there will be adequate wind for your kiteboarding lesson or reschedule it for another day.

    Winds of over 25 miles per hour are not recommended for beginner kiteboarding lessons.


    Progressing to Higher Winds and Smaller Kites

    As you progress to an intermediate level kiteboarder, you will be able to kite in winds of up to around 20-25 knots. You will need a smaller kite

    Winds of over 30 knots are considered higher winds for kiteboarding and definitely not for beginners. Pro kiteboarders can go out in winds of over 40 knots, but also know the risks associated with high-wind kiting.

    Even though weather reports give you predictions and current wind conditions, observing the conditions firsthand and comparing them to what was forecasted is tremendously useful in learning local weather patterns.

    Awesome! Let's move on to Tips For Finding a Kiteboarding Instructor

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  • Kiteboarding Lessons in Sarasota Florida

    Kiteboarding Lessons Sarasota, Florida (813) 502-9013

    kitesurfing-tampa-floridaKiteboarding Tampa Bay is the preferred choice in kiteboarding lessons near the Sarasota, Florida area. We can connect you with the best IKO and PASA certified instructors in the Sarasota, Florida area to help you learn to kiteboard faster and safer. The Sarasota, Florida area is well known as a premiere kiteboarding destination and for its white, sandy beaches. Please note our kiteboarding lessons take place well away from the crowds of beach goers in Sarasota, Florida and similar areas. We take you to private, flatwater spots that are perfect for learning to kiteboard.

    Certified and Insured Kiteboarding Instructor Referrals

    Our instructors and certified by IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization, which the worldwide standard for kiteboarding instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has been teaching students how to kiteboard here in the Sarasota, Florida Bay area for many years, and operates to the highest standard of quality, and safety.

    #1 Kiteboard School in Sarasota, Florida

    KTB's recommended certified and insured instructors are available 7 days a week and have a proven lesson plan that will teach you kiteboarding safely.

    Call us at (813) 502-9013 if you have any questions about kiteboarding lessons in Sarasota, Florida, or are interested in booking a lesson with one of our recommended instructors.

  • Kiteboarding Lessons in Tampa Bay


    kitesurfing-tampa-florida-kiteboarding-instruction-schoolKiteboarding Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida is a free kiteboarding lesson referral service for kiteboarding lessons in the Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater area. Kiteboarding Tampa Bayrefers the most experienced and qualified certified and insured kiteboarding instructors in the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa Saint Petersburg area offers some of the best kiteboarding on the Florida Gulf Coast, so if you're visiting the area, check out our Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Spot Guide for all the Tampa Bay area kiteboarding launch sites.

    Kiteboarding Lessons

    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay team's primary goals in every kiteboarding lesson are to help you become a competent kiteboarder, and to help you learn to kitebaord faster and safer. To help achieve these goals, all of KTB's kiteboarding lessonsoffer personalized instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.Our kiteboarding lesson plan has proven extremely successful, allows our kite instructors to tailor each kiteboarding lesson to individual learning rates and needs.We have also added additional tipsand tricks to our kiteboarding lessons, based on nearly 12 years experience teaching kiteboarding.

    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay offers individual and group kiteboarding lessons, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) instruction, wakeboarding lessons, and downwinder excursions in the Tampa Bay area. Kite surfers travel from all over the world to learn in the Tampa St Petersburg Sarasota Bradenton Clearwater Largo area for its pristine flat water kiteboarding lesson spots. We have created many safe kite surfers here in Tampa Bay, both locally and internationally, and maintain a strong connection with our students long after the kiteboarding lessons are over.

    Kiteboarding Lessons and Gear in Tampa Florida

  • Kiteboarding Safety

    Kiteboarding Safety Articles from Kiteboarding Tampa Bay

    Kiteboarding Safety Videos and ArticlesIf you want to learan how to kiteboard safely, check out our collection of kiteboarding safety articles. You will find information and videos on kiteboarding self rescue, right of way rules,d safe kiteboarding guidelines, and more with new articles added daily. Check out the articles and head over to our Kiteboarding Safety Videos for even more kiteboarding safety information.

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    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is your source for kiteboarding lessons and information for the entire Tampa St Petersburg, Clearwater area.

    Kiteboarding Lessons Tampa St Petersburg FloridaPut our experience to work for you with our new online training tools, beginner kiteboarding guide, Kiteboarding Spot Guide, and Tampa Bay area kiteboarding instructor referrals.

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    Our network of kiteboarding lesson instructors covers Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Bradenton, and Sarasota areas.