learn to kiteboard

learn to kiteboard

  • Beginner Kiteboarding Guide

    Kiteboarding Beginners Guide & Online TrainingOur Beginner Kiteboarding Guide will give beginner kiteboarders the knowledge you need, help you get ready for your first kiteboarding lesson, and help you find a top-notch IKO or PASA certified kiteboarding instructor to guide your journey in learning how to kiteboard. Our website is designed from the ground up to be an asset to help you learn how to kiteboard faster and safer than ever. As a beginner kiteboarder, the more you "do your homework", the faster you will learn when its time for your kiteboarding lessons, and that means you will be a great student.

    Learn to Kiteboard the Right Way

    Click on the "Get Started" button below to find out a little about the sport and begin learning step by step the things you need to learn how to kiteboard, both before your kitebaording lessons, and after your lessons. We call it "pre-lesson homework" and its designed for you to learn things you need to know before your kiteboard lessons, understand the basics of the kite and how it flies, and to be ahead of the game when its lesson time. In short, we can help you can learn to kiteboard faster!

    After reading the Intro to Kiteboarding page you can move to the next step of the Beginner Kiteboarding Guide by clicking the link at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next article and continue reading.
    We placed these articles in a way we think will help understand the roadmap to becoming a Kiteboarder, and to help steer you in the right direction for maximum progression throughout your kiteboarding lessons with an instructor. When you get through our Beginner Kiteboarding Guide, we have something else to quench your thirst for kiteboarding knowledge- Online Training Modules with tons more kiteboarding information and training videos. We're excited to be working with Mentor Mob's unique courseware to provide online Kiteboarding Education courses, and proud to be helping set the new standard in kiteboarding instruction. Although this system is in its early stages, its looking to be an extremely valuable tool for kiteboarding instruction in general. Be sure to check it out and check back for new content added daily.
    Beginner Kiteboarding Guide is provided by Kiteboarding Tampa Bay and members of Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Association.
  • Beginner Water Lesson ( 3 Hours)

    Beginner Kiteboarding Water Lesson (1-Day Camp) 300.00

    Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson Tampa FloridaIf you want to learn how to kiteboard, this is the most important lesson you can take. It is a one-on-one, private 3 hour kiteboarding lesson that takes place in the water. Your beginner kiteboarding lesson also includes practice, discussion, training exercises, and review. Our kiteboarding lesson plan exceeds both IKO and PASA standards, and we are always working to improve our training tools and lesson plans to help you learn to kiteboard faster and safer.

     Kiteboarding Lesson Plan

    You will be flying a 4-line inflatable kite and trained on the following topics:

    • Launch Site Selection/ Weather Discussion/ Overview
    • 4 line Inflatable Kite Setup
    • Understanding the Wind Window (Power Zone)
    • Safety Systems Training (Quick Release Discussion & Practice)
    • Kite Handling (beach) Launch and Landing Assistant Training
    • Water relaunch
    • Basic kite control unhooked and hooked-in kite flying
    • Body dragging
    • Upwind board drag
    • Assisted Launch and Land (in water)
    • Safety system release 1
    • Self rescue 1 (instructor assisted)
    • Water Starts/ Stops
    • Kite handling/beach courtesy
    • Review and Practice 


  • Kiteboarding Lessons in Tampa Bay


    kitesurfing-tampa-florida-kiteboarding-instruction-schoolKiteboarding Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida is a free kiteboarding lesson referral service for kiteboarding lessons in the Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater area. Kiteboarding Tampa Bayrefers the most experienced and qualified certified and insured kiteboarding instructors in the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa Saint Petersburg area offers some of the best kiteboarding on the Florida Gulf Coast, so if you're visiting the area, check out our Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Spot Guide for all the Tampa Bay area kiteboarding launch sites.

    Kiteboarding Lessons

    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay team's primary goals in every kiteboarding lesson are to help you become a competent kiteboarder, and to help you learn to kitebaord faster and safer. To help achieve these goals, all of KTB's kiteboarding lessonsoffer personalized instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.Our kiteboarding lesson plan has proven extremely successful, allows our kite instructors to tailor each kiteboarding lesson to individual learning rates and needs.We have also added additional tipsand tricks to our kiteboarding lessons, based on nearly 12 years experience teaching kiteboarding.

    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay offers individual and group kiteboarding lessons, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) instruction, wakeboarding lessons, and downwinder excursions in the Tampa Bay area. Kite surfers travel from all over the world to learn in the Tampa St Petersburg Sarasota Bradenton Clearwater Largo area for its pristine flat water kiteboarding lesson spots. We have created many safe kite surfers here in Tampa Bay, both locally and internationally, and maintain a strong connection with our students long after the kiteboarding lessons are over.

    Kiteboarding Lessons and Gear in Tampa Florida