• Tampa Kiteboarding Lessons & Information

    Tampa Kiteboarding Lessons & Information

    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has everything you need to get started Kiteboarding on the right track. From finding an instructor to pro trick tutorials, there's something for everyone to take their riding to the next level.

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  • Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Spot Guide

    Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Spot Guide

    Our brand new interactive Spot Guide has you covered with all the best kite spots and downwinder info for the entire the Tampa Bay area. Check out the Area Kiteboarding Guidelines and then start clicking to plan your next session. Read More
  • Kiteboarding Safety Info & Articles

    Kiteboarding Safety Info & Articles

    Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has been focused on one thing for over 12 years- making the sport of Kiteboarding safer. Our focus is to provide you with the information you need, and connect you with instructors you can trust. Read More
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Online Kiteboarding Courses

Online Training Courses

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Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has been creating smarter, safer Kiteboarders for over 10 years in Tampa Bay. Our goal is to continue that tradition by giving you the tools you need to succeed, and to help you learn faster during your kiteboarding lessons. The Kiteboarding Tampa Bay website will help guide you every step of the way, by first helping you understand the basics of the sport, what's in a good kiteboarding lesson, and help you find a qualified kiteboard instructor. If you're looking to learn to kiteboard as fast as possible, the best thing to do is educate yourself- before you take a lesson or buy gear.

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Free Instructor Referrals to help you find an IKO or PASA Certified and Insured Instructor in the Tampa Bay area.

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